Six Morning Habits to Live By


Having a morning routine highly benefits your productivity level for the whole day. But before we talk about morning routines, it is also essential that we discuss facts about sleep.

How Long Should You Sleep?

Forget about doing an early start if you go to bed late. The most important thing to consider is the amount of sleep you get nightly. For adults, the amount of sleep should not be less than 7 hours. Various studies have found that not having enough sleep leads to brain degeneration and even causes chronic disease like cancer.

The Ideal Morning Routine

There’s no one-size-fits-all kind of morning routine, as each routine should perfectly fit your lifestyle and needs. If you are a health buff, you might need to squeeze a workout in your mornings. But if you are an office worker, then your routine should include prepping for work.

With that being said, here are a few routines you can adapt according to your needs as of the moment:

1.    Exercise

Exercising right after you wake up doesn’t only help you put your health on top of your list but it also wakes you up and keeps your mind and body alert.

2.    Meditate

A stark contrast to exercise, this routine starts with stillness and meditation. Do this by keeping still in a position for about 30mins, allowing enough tension in the muscles to keep you awake. Meditating helps you become more focused and calm.

3.    Work

It is easier for some people to be fruitful for the whole day when they accomplish some workload first thing in the morning. It helps them shift to productive mode earlier.

4.    Study

Often we try to schedule the hardest things to finish on the later part of our day. But sometimes, facing it head-on at the beginning of each day can actually give us the productivity boost we need. So if studying is your priority, put it on top of your to-do list.

5.    Plan

Making a daily to-do list is essential to make sure you won’t forget an important matter. But don’t just stop with a list. Rehearse every planned activity on your mind to better prepare for possible setbacks.

6.    Make Your Bed

Tidying up can also put your mind in order. Make your bed and prioritize your personal hygiene first thing in the morning. A tidy appearance makes for an orderly mind.