Why You Need a Bullet Journal


Are you someone who gets a sense of fulfillment from ticking an item off your to-do list? Do you enjoy creating lists for just about anything?  Or you simply want something to help increase your efficiency? If you are any of these types, then having a bullet journal can greatly help.

A bullet journal can serve any purpose – a planner, fitness journal, memoir, or simple to-do list. It is useful for tracking habits, setting goals, and noting achievements and failures.

Unlike ready-made planners in the market, a bullet journal is customizable to suit your personality and needs. The way you write on your bullet journal is entirely distinct from your diary entries.

Creating a Bullet Journal

You only need a notebook, pen or pencil. Before making any other entries on it, first write a legend that looks something like this:

® a task you need to finish

×   a finished task

˃ an unforgettable memory                                                                       

∆ an event you need to prepare for

You can add as much symbol as you need. The idea is for you to succeed in consolidating all your lists in one notebook, making it easier to put your thoughts together.   

You may as well add an index at the beginning of your notebook like to assign sections and a guide for pages.

Benefits of a Bullet Journal:

  •  Your memory becomes more retentive when you write by hand;
  • Some people consider it as a therapy because it frees up space in the brain;
  • Keeps you more focused on your goals;
  • Provides a bit of order to your life.

As mentioned earlier, a bullet journal can also serve as a fitness journal. It helps you become more responsible with your meal plans and physical activities. It can also aid you note the days you were able to walk away from a habit you are aiming to overcome. For women, it can be used as a period tracker, too.

A bullet journal doesn’t promise to resolve all the issues in your life, but creating one might just be that aid you need to collect your thoughts and come up with more effective strategies to deal with life.