Main Cause of Parents’ Stress Identified; Experts Call for Immediate Response

371 recently published research confirming that 60 percent of parents worldwide suffered from unbearable stress in keeping their houses organized. Lack of sleep and finding a reliable childcare provider are the other prevalent household stressors identified.

A total of 3,000 respondents were used as subjects of the study. The researchers asked each of the respondents on the specific type of stressor that hit them the most. Aside from determining the primary cause of stress, the said study also analyzed how the stressors compromised the ability of parents to raise a child. Based on the gathered data, 64 percent of the subjects admitted that their mental health deteriorated after entering parenthood. Meanwhile, more than 1,000 said that their mental instability affected their parenting skill so much. These numbers alarmed psychologists, especially that the rate of people committing suicide last year exponentially increased.

According to Richard Conway, founder of the, the reason why the majority of the parents consider a messy home as the primary stressor is that it occurs regularly.

Conway expressed that when you are cleaning all the corners of your room day in and day out, this will really affect your mental health. With this scenario, parents couldn’t anymore enjoy life. They will never get the chance of doing the things that they love, unlike when they were young.

Meanwhile, the executive also reminded the public that nursing mothers are at high risk. This is because right after giving birth, the mother needs to endure a stretch of psychological reversals. He also noted that despite the recurring stress face by parents every day, most of them are still responsible in carrying out their obligations. Conway ended the interview saying that this study must be taken seriously. He said that concrete measures must be done to save the parents’ mental health before it becomes too late.